Happy 4th of July America!

Happy 4th of July to all the Americans out there… Province Town was our destination this year! Our ferry ride to this little colorful town at the  northern tip of Cape Cod was beautiful. The P’Town itself was bustling with folks from all over…. Everyone waiting for to get some good time under the sun. Here is peak at some beautiful shots from our visit. Hope to watch some spectacular fireworks this evening 🙂





I am back!!!

Hey guys, it has been almost a year since I last posted something on my blog here. Sorry for being away for such a long time. A lot has been happening so just got caught up in the flow. As you all know… Life happens!!! But what an year it has been…. Got a new place to call home, a long shelved trip to visit family back home, got a new job, had a brand new nephew 🙂 So lots n lotsa good stuff there. But anyways, now that I am back lets make this well worth it.

Dream vacation

4th of July in Maine

This summer has brought so much joy. Lots of green, lots of sun, lots of rain and even more fun. We just had the 4th of July celebrations this past weekend (Happy 4th of July everybody). The early morning parades, barbecues in the afternoon, waiting in the sun to save spots and finally the fireworks….. an absolutely amazing day. Maine played host to our getaway this year and what a wonderful choice it was. Breath- taking views, untouched wilderness and the suburban feel made for a perfect vacation. We couldn’t get enough of lobsters there… They are sooooo….. good! Hanging out around the lobster shacks was the best part of our day. Relaxing, eating, savoring and relaxing again. Isn’t that what a vacation is all about? They so truly call Maine- Vacationland!

Unfortunately, my camera/ my camera skills were not good enough to capture some spectacular sights like the fireworks and an almost full moon shining down over a lake….. I just had to soak them up! Sorry I couldn’t get them to you here.

Maine-1 Maine-2 Maine-3 Maine-4 Maine-5 Maine-6 Maine-7 Maine-8 Maine-9 Maine-10

Big Apple…..

On a beautiful day, me and my friend decided to go for a photo shoot in NYC and get some pictures for her fashion blog. A generous friend offered us her rooftop to shoot on and it was awesome. A bright sunny day, amazing view of the world trade center from the rooftop and my gorgeous muse. It was a perfect shoot! (Although I wish the sun would have been a little less harsher) I made some new friends including a cute little puppy ‘Manny’. After the shoot, we had a nice riverside lunch where we talked about a lot of things like the “water taxi beach” LOL. They were a great bunch! Loved every minute of it.

PatrycjaS12P22 PatrycjaS12P20 PatrycjaS12P17 PatrycjaS12P28

All about flowers

Gertrude Stein once said ” A rose is a rose is a rose”. That is so true about flowers. We cannot describe their beauty in words. Flowers are just so delicate and beautiful. They come in so many colors and forms I never even knew existed. I would also like to thank a dear friend who invited us to visit the Longwood Gardens in PA which helped me enhance my treasured collection of flower pictures. I know the names of a few flowers but the others are strangers to me. Here are some pictures from my collection that I wanted to share. Do you know the names of any of these? I would love to know and share.

4 (2) 1 3 (2) 1 (2) 4 2 6 8 (2) 9 11 13 15 41 43 46 48 18 26


A baby’s arrival is such an important time for a family and their friends…. I have had the pleasure to be at some baby showers and meet these little ones this spring. They are just adorable! As I was thinking of gifts for the new baby, I thought it would be nice for the new parents and their guests to have something to snack on. I came up with these cookies which look cool and taste even better. I was very happy the way they turned out and so was everyone else.

A taste of sweet to welcome the sweetest bundle of joy!

Baby-girl-2 Baby-Shower-Cookies Baby-girl-4 Baby-Shower-Cookies-1 Baby-girl-3

Dear Sun….

I have been taking pictures for a while now…..But I just took pictures for the heck of it then. Never had I put any effort to improve n get better ones out of my camera. Now, I am starting to take it more seriously and learn more about photography. In the process, lately I have been seeing myself smiling, thanking, sulking and much more with this “SUN” guy. I can very well say that I am in a love- hate relationship with the sun. Probably now I am noticing the profound effect it can have on my pictures. The perfect position of the sun in the sky can mean perfectly lit subject and thus beautiful pictures and sometimes a cloudy day can work wonders. In a studio setting, you can manipulate the light and get what you want, but in a natural setting, you have to work with what you have. This makes “SUN” a very important factor in how things can turn out.

Hmmm….. Whatever I might say, he is my new Best Friend Forever!

Welcome back for the summer buddy.

Lake-Erie Sunset over the port Pirate ships Dream vacation

A gift that keeps blooming……

The Cherry Blossom Trees in the Potomac Park’s Tidal Basin are a delight to watch. They are the heralds of bright and colorful spring after a long dreary winter. The Japanese gift of cherry blossom trees to mark their friendship with the United States, I think, is absolutely perfect…… What better gift of friendship than a tree that blooms year after year? Thousands of people come to Washington DC to see the beautiful trees in their peak bloom when the city hosts the National Cherry Blossom Festival every year and this year it was my turn too. The clear skies, warm weather and under the shade of fluffy gorgeousness……. No better way to celebrate and enjoy the coming of spring. Some pictures from my trip to the capital for you.

Cherry-Blossoms-12 Cherry-Blossoms-11 Cherry-Blossoms-7 Cherry-Blossoms-6 Cherry-Blossoms-10 Cherry-Blossoms-5 Cherry-Blossoms-4 Cherry-Blossoms-9 Cherry-Blossoms-8 Cherry-Blossoms-3 Cherry-Blossoms Cherry-Blossoms-1 Cherry-Blossoms-2

Cupcake craving!

I LOVE cupcakes! A pang of cupcake craving was all the motivation required for this baking session to start. But I still was not excited enough to pull this off coz on a cloudy day we are supposed to be lazy, arent we? And then came a message from a friend to meet up. I had been thinking of doing something for her for a while now and then it just hit me. I can bake and take some cupcakes for her! So here is what came out of my kitchen. I loved photographing them too. They made lovely subjects. With these cupcakes, I am not very sure if I enjoyed baking or photographing? Hmmm….. I definitely did love eating them!!!

Cupcake-love Cupcake-love-1 Cupcake-love-2